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Week 13 - Chris Fitzpatrick: Finishing snap moulds

A soft plasticine is applied approximately 2-5mm away from the edge of the sculpt to create flashing, in which ‘touch downs’ are created. This allows the over flow of silicone somewhere to go and creates a ‘handling edge’, when it comes to application. The core and sculpt are released with Vaseline and Mac Wax. A 2-5cm wall of WED clay is built around the resin core, which is filled with Rencast resin.

The clay and plasticine are removed, and the two resin parts are prized apart. The two-piece mould is cleaned, released and sprayed with three layers of cap plastic each before filling with silicone (100% deadener) and clamped to ensure a tight fit. Issues were suffered here when said mould was slightly chipped ([see below] when it was being demonstrated as having undercuts) - the cap plastic edge wasn’t complete all the way around. I attempted to compensate this by sanding the affected area and increasing the edges on the adjoining cheek piece.


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