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Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Weeks 3 & 4 - Matt Lambert: Sculpture

During week 3, we were delighted to have the super talented (fellow Devonian and AUB survivor) Matt Lambert to teach us sculpting techniques. Matt did an amazing job of cramming a huge amount of information into just a couple of short days. We (briefly) covered anatomy of wounds, different types of scars and a hellavalot of sculpting techniques.

Matt is a highly skilled traditional and digital sculptor, available for large and small projects.

He sculpts for the film and TV industry, for toys and collectables, and takes commissions for bespoke art pieces.

Matt is available to work both independently, and with a team of artists, mould makers, and 3D printers to fulfil briefs efficiently, and to the highest standard. (taken from Matt's website)

With Matt’s guidance, we created flat-piece silicone moulds of injuries and scars. We learnt what a de-gasser was and got to play with his blow torch.

Matt's demos

My flat piece sculpts...

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