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Bleeding and blood fx at Pinewood studios

Last month I attended a Creative Media Skills course at Pinewood Studios. The course specialised in Bleeding and Blood FX and was led by make-up artist and all-round legend, Stuart Bray. It was amazing.

The blurb on the website describes the course as… “This Bleeding prosthetics & blood FX master course takes casualty make-up effects to an entirely new level. Discover essential bleeding effects. Blood gags are one of the most exciting effects to create. Even crew who have no interest in makeup will draw near and watch as a blood gag is about to shoot.  It’s messy but lots of fun.” …what’s not to love?

The reason I signed up for this course was I was asked by a friend of mine to work on a short film he was making in the next few months. It would involve a slit throat with a blood gag, which I had no idea how to do. Obviously, I agreed with the intention of figuring it out at a later date. Whilst frantically googling slit throats like a mad woman, I found this course on the Creative Media Skills website, (which I’d been stalking for years) and thought it was a sign. The website isn’t the most user friendly, but when I phoned to learn more about the finance options available, the staff were very knowledgeable and verrry accommodating regarding payment plans.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a couple of demos by Stuart in the past, but this was off-the-charts major input, probably more than I learned in a whole term at uni for a fraction of the price. I guess that’s the beauty of having small class sizes (there were only 9 of us) and having all the materials all equipment set up by the wonderful staff saves so much time too. The atmosphere was always super relaxed, with constant pots of tea and plates of biscuits being passed around whilst Spotify played away. There was also a cute dog wandering about the place at her leisure.

A lot of fun was had but ultimately, I learned a lot and produced frighteningly cool work. Check it out!

I had a whale of a time... plus, did I mention the tea and the dog? And Kenneth Williams memorabilia?


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