• Robyn

Kryolan Bag Sale

On Saturday, I set my alarm for 5am and made my merry way to London in hopes of filling my boots with goodies from the Kryolan bag sale. I queued up in the freezing cold rain for five and a half hours. Here's how it works: buy an empty bag for a fixed price (£80) and fill it with your favourite products in a given amount of time (ten minutes).

By the time I reached the Covent Garden store, there was already a queue of 100 brave souls far more prepared than I, equipped with sleeping bags and camping chairs. Not surprisingly, these lucky people snapped up most of the top dollar bounty before I could get a look in. When it was finally my turn (which felt like an eternity), I was rewarded for my efforts with a pretty sweet haul. Check it out...

All in all, it was a fun day and I met some interesting people. I'm sure if I could have gotten there earlier I would have had a better selection but I'm still pleased with what I took home. I totted it up on the kryolan website to be around £550's worth of stuff (including some very nice premium brushes), which is pretty impressive. I did get extremely cold, so felt it necessary to rewarded myself with a pint of Guinness when all the madness was over.


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